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We’ve implemented some of the features requested by you. In version 1.3 of Contacts Blast, we offer

1) Search feature

On contact detail page (main screen), start typing and a list of contacts will be displayed on a drop down list. The search is performed on first and last name.

2) Launch Contacts Blast by pressing Green Call button

This feature allows you to launch Contacts Blast when you press the green Call button from the desktop.

When you first press Green call button you will be presented with an option to set Contacts Blast as a default launcher. Select “Use by default for this action” checkbox and launch “Contacts Blast” from the menu. Now, every time you press Green call button Contacts Blast will be launched.

To undo this behavior, from desktop
Menu–>Settings–>Applications–>Manage Applications–>Contacts Blast–>Clear Defaults.

3) Preferences

If you do not use any of the additional icons (SMS, Email, Edit Contact) on contacts detail page you can turn them off. When Contacts Blast is launched go to Menu–>More–>Preferences (or Menu + p)
Selecting a checkbox will show the respective icon.

4) Group based speed dial

Group based speed dial enables you to quickly dial your contact’s default phone number. Create groups and click on speed dial icon to quickly see list of contacts in that group. Press your contact’s picture to dial his/her default number. You can create multiple groups like Restaurants, Family, Friends, Co-Workers and quickly access contacts in each group.

New groups can be created by clicking on Menu–>Manage Groups from main screen.


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This is performance enhanced version of Contacts Blast. We reviewed all places where we could get any performance boost.
Thank you all for your positive feedbacks and suggestions.

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Here are few screenshots from Contacts Blast v1.1

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We had more than one user complain about scrolling being too slow and non responsive.  This was the only reason why they chose not to continue using our application so we looked at it. Sure enough there was some delay. We’ve fixed this issue and released a new version of Contacts Blast today. We’ve had very positive response. The scrolling is very fast.

Have a blast with Contacts Blast.

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We released v1.0 of Contacts Blast earlier today. We hope you will like it.  We’re scrambling to put all pieces of the puzzle together.

Here is a short list of features we offer:

* Provides user friendly interface to quickly and easily access your contacts making use of pictures and icons.
* Provides a wide selection of icons for contact groups.
* Ability to edit group and contact related information
* Seamless synchronization with Gmail’s Contacts.
* Ability to send sms and email.
* Quick access to Android features like dialer, call log, voice mail.
* Ability to quickly mark a contact as your favorite. This will automatically add the contact to your Favorites group.
* Ability to access recently contacted friends through Recents group.

Droidmatic Official Site:  http://www.droidmatic.com

Contacts Blast Support Forum: http://groups.google.com/group/contactsblast

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